The Nightmare

Caedes is a shining example of what the TTHQ has to offer, and an example fo what serving for the greatest cause can take from you.

Something here about Caedes’ past and that he has wrestled with the Nightmare’s invasion of his mind after being Forgotten. A fact very few know and creates unrest in the Hexagon Office.

Something about his baspirations and instigations in the military, forming things like the Wolfspider initiative and patrol drones.

Forgotten Armoury

Weaponry of the TTHQ focus mainly on on tactics and sheer firepower.

Standard issue weaponry includes the MR-14 automatic rifle, HC-260 semi-automatic pistol and the Slug-30 pump action shotgun.

Some custom weapons have been forged with Tedguard technology. Such as the Silent Javelin and Caedes custom revolver, the WG-09MK2.

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