Cuddlesign Daddy and Cub (+ 1 Free patch blind-bag)


Tedland Wars chapter official commission from Cuddlesign_Daddy.

During a routine perimeter check in the Tedlands, a teddy contractor found a cub wandering alone in the vast plains to the west of TTHQ.
Having previously been a confidant and comforter to his young charge on Earth, his paternal instincts were too much to ignore.

He returned to his temporary encampment with the cub to clean it off, check it for damage and begin packing for the long road to TTHQ where they would be able to establish where the cub came from and return it to it’s rightful owner.

The road ahead is dangerous and filled with fluff-curling threats. But with a good mix of wit and luck the daring duo may make it safely to HQ.

Make these two teddies part of your own journey by picking up the pair to attach to your favourite bit of kit!

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