Special Hoperations: Sniper Bunny


Together with TacOpsGear we are excited to bring you this new patch series of fearless furry friends come to our aid throughout histories notable periods beginning, but not bound by any laws of linear time, in 1945 as WWII comes to a close. Under the guise of a Special Hoperations tactical bunny unit.

Life as a WWII battle bunny isn’t all carrots, lettuce and gambolling in the sun. But that is the world they fight to create for the generations of bunnies that come after.

The adventures of the Time Hoppers is only just beginning. With WWII’s victory in the bunny bag they prepare to warp through time once more, hoping that the next Hop could be the Hop home.

Collect all four limited edition Special Hoperations battle bunnies and keep your eyes and carrots peeled for the next instalment!

Photo credit to Mo&Ammo

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