TTHQ HIstory

Since the fragmenting of the Ursas Ennead there has always been a TTHQ by one name or another.

In the early ages  this Faction was known as Ursas’ Shield. Collecting and protecting the Gateways between Sublectus and Earth. Utilising them to recruit and train Teddies to fight against any force that would threaten the safety and security of their human Charges.

Today the TTHQ are the largest and most capable force in the Tedlands. Upholding their timeless oath to protect their Charges and maintain a lasting defence against the adversaries that surround them in growing number.

Commanding General Theodore Caedes

Caedes is a shining example of what the TTHQ has to offer, and an example of what serving for its great cause can take from you.

Along with many other new recruits, Theodore joined the cause in 1903. The Charge-bound Faction formerly known as Ursas’ Shield had recently adopted the name of Tactical Teddies Headquarters under the new command of General Malleus. With the recent influx of recruits named “Teddy” the TTHQ introduced the concept of the CGN (Charge Given Name) and Cuddlesigns, an alias to improve communication.

Since securing his seat in the highest status of TTHQ, Theodore Caedes has overseen some of the most successful initiatives in Tedland History. Including the elite special operations unit known as WolfSpider and accelerating the development of vehicles and technology by establishing the WT:CDB.

His ability to react to the aggressive advances of the Forgotten forces fringes on precognition. So much so that many outlandish stories have been circulated among the ranks regarding his highly classified personal files and his missing eye.

TTHQ Armoury

TTHQ weaponry is developed by a department called WT:CDB (West Tedlands Combat Development Bureau) or as HQ call them “What-Could-Be”.

WT:CDB weapons focus mainly on robust design and superior firepower.

Standard issue weaponry includes the highly customisable MR-14 automatic rifle, HC-260 semi-automatic pistol and the Slug-30 pump action shotgun.

Some custom weapons have been forged with Tedguard technology. Such as the Silent Javelin and Commanding General Caedes custom heavy revolver, the WG-09MK2.

TTHQ Vehicles

The Tedlands is a vast continent of wildly different landscapes, so the WT:CDB aim to provide vehicles for all kinds of missions. The most common vehicles used by HQ are the Hunchback MK2 buggy, the Wojtek HT1 and the Blackwasp helichopper.

Teddies frequently borrow items from their charges such as remote control vehicles or toy weapons in order to blueprint them and adapt the design for practical use before returning the item.

One heavy limitation is that with no natural fuel sources to speak of in the Tedlands, these vehicles are often powered by batteries and require frequent recharging or replacing.

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